Customer Comments

“Hi Scott
                The Moon Truck arrived in yesterday’s mail. In a word, Fantastic!! Your resin casting is first rate, and your kit design is also outstanding. As you can tell, I really like your kit! Thanks for creating and producing this model. I only hope that I can do it justice!
I’ll make sure I send along some photos after I build the model.
I am looking forward to ordering from you again!
Have fun modeling


“Hey Scott,

The kit arrived in great shape.  Everything is amazingly crisp and precise!  Coming from you, I’d be surprised if it were any other way.

Using your excellent on-line instructions.

Thanks for sharing your outstanding work!

I have to confide, there was/is a studio scale kit of a BSG subject I dearly love posted for bid on eBay.  Expensive, but I can afford it, yet knowing who the patterns were made by, I also knew I would be frustrated by everything from proportions to fudged/fluffy detail.  No piece of art/craft is ever perfect, approximation/visual abbreviation will be necessary, but striving for precision equals passion!  So ya, I’m careful.

John O.”


Hi Scott,

I received the BTA, it is very cool and I LOVE it… thanks a lot!!

It’s been a pleasure doing business with you!!

Best Regards,


Hi Scott, The Truck arrived this week and it’s amazing.- Bob


” Hi Scott,

Just a quick note to say the Moon truck was much admired over the weekend at the UK IPMS show – probably of the 100+ kits we had on the table it was the one most asked about. Your details were passed on numerous times, so hopefully you’ll get some more orders from it 🙂


Ant ” ( Anthony H.)


“Hi Scott,

I just purchased your kit moon truck and all I can say is woaw! The craftsmanship and casting quality are just fabulous! I was hesitating at first because 1/35 is not my scale of choice but now I am just glad I did. Casting and details are excellent and very clean. Great great work sire!

And keep building kits for god sake :o)

Thanks!” ( Alex D.)


Re: Scar & Ta-Opet 

“Scott: The two kits arrived Wednesday in fine shape. Both are excellent in sculpting and casting and one thing I really like is the size of each. I would definitely be interested in any new/future releases from SRS Prototyping. Many thanks and all my best.

Mike H.”


Re: Drac fighter

“Kit arrived today – looks fantastic, the casting is exemplary.  Looking forward to this one!

Matthew G.”


“Hey Scott

I been meaning to send you a note.. to let you know that the BTA kit is amazing…  and it arrived safe and sound…

great job !!!

thanks again… and I hope you have more trek projects on the horizon.. I am a big fan of yours !!!

Mark R.”


“Hi Scott,

I recieved the moon truck resin kit.  Its excellent, the design and casting is top notch.

Can’t wait to start it. 


Jeff E.”


“Hi Scott,

The Mon Calamari cruiser docked a few days ago…just haven’t had a chance to get online properly. What can I say apart from WOW!!!!

Absolutely stunning!

I am really looking forward to clearing the desk in the new year to make a start on this. It really is a cracker!

Many thanks,

Jonathan D.”



Received the Drac fighter kit!!!   Awesome work!!!   How did you do this?  

It looks exactly like it!!   Please do the BTA Fighter 🙂

David M.”


“Hi Scott, I receive the Lunar truck today. It’s a very nice kit, very nice job; congratulations!! I’m glad.

 Thank you, Eric.” 



I received the moon truck kit today. Outstanding work. It is, without question, the

most well-engineered resin kit I’ve seen.

Thanks very much for producing it!

Phil S.”


“Hi Scott,

As promised, a few snaps of my Rover. Only minimal weathering at present and I’ll probably do some dry brushing for highlights.

I really enjoyed doing this kit and it went together perfectly.

Thanks again,

Hope you sell lots of these,


Hi Scott,

One straight shot and one composite of truck on the moon !  No retouching of kit image in either shot.

This is still one of the most accurate and best cast resin kits that I have built. (I got mine early, before interior or crane were available…I’d go for both additions now!) Thanks again for such a great product.

Breakdown of parts was thoughtful and assembly a lot of fun, fit was fine, clean up minimal and there was no distortion; what was meant to be square was square.

It’s a delight to be spared that special kind of fear when you have to inflict steam, boiled water or the oven on a resin kit part only to see it warp more as your vocabulary of curses finds new and exciting variations on the “oh dear, that’s not ideal” theme !

All the best,

John Y.”


“Hey Scott, just wanted to let you know that the Rover is in my hands, and I have to say that you’ve exceeded my expectations with this kit, particularly because this is the first piece of resin “hardware” that I’ve ever bought, and I really didn’t know that resin could be this crisp. I’ve done a lot in the way of resin figures (mostly 1/6 scale), and you don’t usually run into too many sharp angles with them, so to see the craftsmanship on this baby is a pleasant surprise. So a big THANK YOU to both you and your caster for what I’m foreseeing as a nice way to spend some of my spare time. So for now, it’s off to a nice, soapy bath for the parts, a little clean-up (which looks to be minimal at this point), and then the build can start. All I need now is the instruction sheet (LOTS of parts!) and I’ll be good to go.

Again, VERY nice kit, and many thanks for putting up with my constant questions through all of this. I really hope you manage to add more of these kind of subjects to your catalog; I’ve noticed a lot of concepts for lunar rovers on the Internet, but in kit form they’re pretty scarce. And considering that I love the “Moon” movie, this purchase was a no-brainer.

So finally, have a great week, and thank you again,

Tony F.”



Can I just tell you that you create the best kits and have THE BEST instruction sheets…

 Thank you again sir…and if you ever decide to offer a large scale Lunar truck, I would be first in line.

Thanks again,

Jeff W.

Hey Scott,

The kit arrived in great shape.  Everything is amazingly crisp and precise!  Coming from you, I’d be surprised if it were any other way.
Thanks for sharing your outstanding work!

John O.